MUD Color Finish Options

1 • Rustico - chocolate brown base with occasional warm, accent tones toward yellow
2 • Antiquo – Mossy, limey green with cooling accent tones toward chocolate brown
3 • Verdi Gris – Powder blue base with color broadcasts from yellow to green toward brown
4 • Rusted Iron – deep brown base with rusty red highlights and a hint of orange/yellow
5 • Sandstone – Warm, even golden tone with a whitish yellow to yellow/brown accent range
6 • Aged – A special patina that is sometimes dense, often mottled and even patchy with areas of color highlighting the details of the piece but raw concrete exposed in other sections. The colors range in intensity from just a hint to velvety rich and usually occur in the red/brown or green/yellow tones. Variation is to be expected.
7 • Artist’s Discretion – MUD has a stable of exterior and interior grade finishes available that are not part of the standard offerings. Please inquire for more information.