All MUD Statuary products are designed and manufactured to require minimal care and ensure long life. Nonetheless, there are a few things to bear in mind when working with our statuary.

Any concrete item, though weather resistant and durable, can chip or break when it makes contact with another piece of concrete or stone. Concrete has very high compressive strength, but relatively low tensile and flexural strengths. So, while you could park a truck on one of our gnomes, we don't suggest it. In addition, though we reinforce appropriate sections of many items, the edges, bases and thin areas may pose problems if not handled with care. In general, lifting and carrying an item by its thicker sections and setting it down lightly and evenly will help avoid most breakage.

Cleaning our products should be done without using abrasives or harsh chemicals as they may wear the surface of the item and/or alter the color.

For further protection from the elements, our products can be sealed using either a silicone based masonry sealer or an acrylic pottery sealer. Be aware, though, that sealers often change the character of the colors beneath them and usually require occasional re-application

Additional information regarding concrete and its care, repair or refinishing is available upon request.